Frugal Family: Five Low-Cost or No-Cost Valentine Ideas

Special Valentine's Day edition. Ideas for a low-cost family date experience.

Dunedin Patch brings you a special, Valentine's Day edition of Frugal Family. Maybe your budget is tight but you'd still like to show your family you love them. We've got five ideas to appreciate your loved ones without spending a lot of money. (Hint, take advantage of the Dunedin's amazing parks.)

Five Low- or No-Cost Family Date Ideas

1.  Stroll through Dunedin's for a nature walk. You can take your time, walk hand in hand, point out plants and birds and enjoy the ambiance of Old Florida's natural beauty.

2. Watch the sun set at Dunedin's newly opened or along the . Take a blanket to sit together as you watch the pinks and oranges melt into the horizon.

 3. Bring your spouse, your kids and your pup and walk along the edges of Honeymoon Island. Bring a Frisbee and your dog and you can all enjoy the canine beach together. Then come home and order a romantic comedy movie on Netflix. 

 4. Have a picnic at Edgewater Park at the right near the water. It's got romantic views and a playground to entertain the kids. Take turns pushing each other on the swings.

 5. Spend the day preserving memories together. Upload pictures of you and the most beloved people in your life at the photo center. While you’re waiting for them to print, take a trip to the on Broadway Boulevard for scrapbooking supplies and photo albums.

Maggy Graham March 29, 2011 at 11:23 PM
Here's what my husband and I, lovers of frugality, did for Valentine's day. We walked down to the Dollar General and bought $1 valentines for each other, then drove to Publix and got one bouquet of pink tulips and put them in the center of our dining table, along with the valentines. Saving money, as long as you are both on the same page, can be more romantic than one might think.


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