Orange Hour Plays Brewery Thursday Night

Darrell Bevins rocks out at the Dunedin Brewery with last year's Backyard BBQ winners.

Name:  Darrell Bevins

Hometown:  San Jose, Calif.

Band: Orange Hour

Keys to Awesomeness: Bevins and his band Orange Hour won WSUN-FM 97X’s 2010 Backyard BBQ contest, relying solely on the Internet and Facebook. He’s played in local bands like Drew Street Mary and Proud Let Down, to name a few. Bevins and Orange Hour have opened for bands like Days of the New, Crosby Stiils and Nash and the Steve Miller Band.

How did you get your start with music?

"When I returned to my hometown, San Jose, Calif., at the age of 15, my buddy's older brother had an acoustic guitar and could play all the songs on MTV. I dug it, and thought it was the coolest. When I came back to Florida from the trip, my dad took me the to Sears in the Countryside Mall. I got a guitar package with amp, cable, strap ... probably had picks. Then, the usual garage bands ensued throughout high school. I finished a little college, got a job, traveled and tried my best to make that work, but I knew music was my path. Years later, I realized my opportunity to make music a fulltime career was almost over, so I started a couple of local bands, Drew Street Mary and Proud Let Down, to see if my idea was a pipe dream or not."

Where can people see you play or hear your music?

"For the last year and half, Orange Hour has been playing all around the Tampa Bay area. We've played most of the venues including Skipper's Smokehouse, Jannus Landing and the Ritz in Ybor City. We've played the bar gigs and won a few local contests, including the (WSUN-FM) 97X Backyard BBQ in 2010. Our friends, Anchor Atlantic won this year. Check them out. The coolest gig, though, was probably outside the St. Pete Times Forum before a Lightning game! Very cool."

What is your favorite Dunedin music venue?

"One of our favorite venues is the and our next show is June 2. After that, we are going to be concentrating on promoting our new album 'Hell or High Water'."

What keeps you doing it?

"I love writing songs. There's something about a new song that just appears out of thin air. Nick and Hugh, Orange Hour's drummer and guitarist, started this with me and when we started it we said,'We are not quitting, no matter how long it takes.' So, I just keep waking up loving it."

What or who are some of your inspirations?

"My mother and father are my inspiration. I search for life like they are living it. My girlfriend for dealing with someone like me. My brother because he's a comedian, father and husband. His balance between family and traveling the world is inspirational. Also, my buddies, Bradley and Zion, and anyone else who is following their dreams."

How has social media played a part?

"Social media is a huge part of music today. I believe we won the 97X contest solely based on Facebook and our fan participation. It's cool to see the word travel that quickly. We need to find better ways of utilizing it. "

What advice would you give a musician just starting out?

"I would give them the best advice I've heard: 'Start and never stop.'" 

Don't miss Orange Hour at the Dunedin Brewery Thursday, June 2. Show starts a 8 p.m. No door cover.


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