Cuban Sandwiches Come to Downtown Deli

The Main Street shop is adding one of the area’s most popular sandwiches to its menu.

What do you do when your sandwich shop has mastered corned beef, cole slaw and matzo ball soup? 

If you’re Saul Shwarztein, owner of , you move on to something bigger and more sacred. 

Schwarztein started serving two versions of the authentic Cuban sandwich at his Main Street shop this week. His shop is now one of the few restaurants in downtown Dunedin where food lovers can get a Cuban sandwich.

“There has been a controversy over who has the original Cuban sandwich – Miami or Tampa,” Shwarztein explains. “Tampa people think theirs was the first, and Miami thinks theirs was.” 

“We’ll offer both and let the customers decide which one they like best.” 

The difference between the two sandwiches is subtle, yet significant:

  • A Tampa style Cuban comes with genoa salami and mayonnaise.
  • Its Miami counterpart eschews salami and uses only mustard as a condiment. 

Each of the traditional sandwiches will be made on authentic La Segundo Central Bakery bread; the shop also offers another pair of popular Cuban treats: the Midnight, made with ham and swiss, and the Elena Ruz, a turkey, cream cheese and strawberry preserve creation. 

“We’re not saying we’ll have the best, but we will have the original. We’ll let you make your own choice which one that is.”

Want to go?

  • 716 Main St 
  • Contact: 727-734-1829
  • Then on Patch!
Maryellen Farinas July 06, 2012 at 12:34 PM
Being Cuban born and raised in Miami, I'm definitely trying these! BTW, the "MIAMI Cuban" is the real deal, but there's nothing wrong with the Tampa Cuban. It's also a great sandwich.
Jeffrey Rosenfield July 06, 2012 at 08:31 PM
Let the debate begin Maryellen!
Stacy Mixon July 06, 2012 at 10:18 PM
Love Dunedin Bagels and Deli! Best authentic bagels in town. Always fresh. Look forward to a Cuban this wkend.


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