Bike Food Delivery Service, City Commission Candidates And More From Patch

OK, so you had a busy week. We understand. Let us catch you up on all the highlights!

1. Hungry?  Just give him a call and he'll bring food from any of six partnering local restaurants.

2. Twins Annelise and Micheal Viera, Dunedin Highland Middle School students, and friend Ronnie Riccobene are selling brightly-colored hair bows, flower clips and headbands .

3. A  near Honeymoon Island appeared to be that of , authorities said.

4. A far-reaching and allegedly stole millions of dollars from elderly people across the country. Find out just how the scam worked and just how big it was.

5. Chef John Lewis made it his personal quest to be your resource for happy hour in Dunedin. In the latest edition of The Happy Hour Club, .

6. A Dunedin man intended to sell them for drug money, authorities say.

7. Patch caught up with city commission candidates and ahead of the Nov. 6 election to give voters a better sense of who they are and what they stand for. The two will also be answering questions online in an upcoming Patch Podium series. Have a question you want answered? Send it to katie.dolac@patch.com.


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