Expect Major Traffic Delays: Alt 19 at Dunedin Causeway

Drivers, cyclists and pedestrians can expect major delays at the Alternate U.S. 19 and Curlew Road/Causeway Boulevard intersection through the end of June.

Drivers should expect some impacts to traffic at one of Dunedin's busiest intersections through June.

A $2 million construction project to install 48-inch piping along a water main underneath a significant stretch of Dunedin Causeway across Alternate U.S. 19 and toward Cedar and Curlew creeks has reached the critical intersection.

Alt U.S. 19 at Curlew Road/Causeway Boulevard will reduce to a single travel lane in either direction; signal lights will be off; and Pinellas County Sheriff's deputies will direct traffic 24 hours a day for four weeks starting May 28.

So far, the project, which began in February, caused relatively minor traffic issues on Dunedin Causeway, said Tom Burke, an engineer with the city.

But, "those impacts are going to get considerably more serious at the end of the month," he said.

Drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists can expect major delays through the end of June.

"Peak times will be considerably slow," Burke said.

The following is a breakdown of traffic impacts over the next four weeks:


North-South Traffic on Alt U.S. 19

  • Westerly north-south lanes of Alt U.S. 19 will be closed.
  • Southbound drivers (traveling toward downtown Dunedin/Clearwater) will be shifted into the northbound lane.
  • Northbound drivers (traveling toward Palm Harbor and Tarpon Springs) will be shifted to a merge lane.
  • Traffic signals will be turned off and deputies direct traffic through the intersection.

East-West Traffic on Curlew Road/Causeway Boulevard

  • Eastbound drivers on Causeway Boulevard wanting to make a left turn toward Palm Harbor will not be allowed.

Bicyclists and Pedestrian Traffic

  • Pinellas Trail traffic will be diverted along the south lane of Curlew Road/Causeway Boulevard and the east side of Alt U.S. 19.


North-South Traffic on Alt U.S. 19

  • Easterly north-south lanes of Alt U.S. 19 will be closed.
  • Traffic signals will be turned off and deputies direct traffic through the intersection.

East-West Traffic on Curlew Road/Causeway Boulevard

  • Westbound drivers on Curlew Road cannot make a right turn onto Alt U.S. 19 to go toward Palm Harbor. 
  • Westbound drivers on Curlew Road may only continue west onto Causeway Boulevard or make a left turn to drive south on Alt U.S. 19 toward downtown Dunedin and Clearwater. 

Bicyclists and Pedestrian Traffic

  • The Pinellas Trail will be closed in certain areas and traffic will be diverted. 
  • Caladesi Publix is allowing a temporary easement for north-south bicyclists and pedestrians using Pinellas Trail.

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Forwardnotbackwards May 25, 2013 at 12:13 AM
Another big traffic issue exists in Dunedin. Maybe someone can look into it. What has happened to the left-turn signals on 580 at the corner of Virginia? And, also, at the corner of 580 and Overcash? The signals become a flashing yellow and it takes FOREVER for them to change. Many times they DON'T change. And cars are left sitting there while regular traffic continues after the light changes. It is HORRIBLE. It's as if the cars sitting in the left-turn waiting lane don't exist. It should go back to the way it is SUPPOSE to be. If even 1 car is waiting to make a left turn, the left turn signal should engage. And not make that car wait extra cycles. It is OUTRAGEOUS.
Red Mayo May 25, 2013 at 02:39 AM
Doesn't the flashing yellow arrow mean proceed with caution? Hello? It is not a solid yellow to stop.
Maria B May 28, 2013 at 01:52 PM
There bas been an ongoing similar problem at the 580 and Pinehurst road intersection for more than a year. If it's not rush hour and you're trying to turn east onto 580 the light takes forever to turn green and traffic backs up nearly to San Cristopher at times. I have addressed this with the city on more than one occasion and was told that FHP takes care of the stoplights in Dunedin, but still the problem remains. FHP needs to do a once over on all traffic lights in Dunedin and correct these problems!
Heather Steward May 28, 2013 at 03:42 PM
you can go on flashing yellow as long as not cars are coming the opposite way.


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