Start to Hurricane Proof Your Home Today

In this spirit of preparedness, Dunedin Patch is running tidbits all week on things you can do to prepare in case of a storm.

Even if a hurricane or tropical storm is not headed your way right now, it's wise to prepare your home now. 

Although large hurricanes such as Andrew and Charley have had the most devastating effects, we must also remember that even a Category 1 hurricane can destroy a home.

Stock up on materials, inventory your valuables and double check your insurance coverage now. Securing your home can lesson damage and help save money in the event of a catastrophe.

The Federal Alliance for Safe Homes posted a printable checklist for homeowners. 

Here are five things you can check this weekend to prevent potential damage to your home:

  • Garage doors:  If you want a replacement door, purchase a reinforced, wind-rated model. You can reinforce garage doors at their weakest points, using vertical brackets on each panel. Wood and light gauge metal guards, and hinges can be used. Experts suggest checking stores to see if retrofit kits are available for your garage door model.
  • Trees: Trim all tree limbs that could fall on your home before stormy weather is approaching.
  • Windows: Install hurricane shutters and secure them in high winds. Protecting windows prevents wind and water damage and keeps the roof more secure. Duct tape will not suffice.
  • Weather stripping: Ensure weather stripping and caulking around doors and windows are solid and as impenetrable to wind as possible.

This is the first in an ongoing series on hurricane preparedness. Stay tuned to Tuesday's (Aug. 2) Dunedin Patch for more tips on preparing your home in the case of a hurricane.


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