Top Headlines: Mayoral Money Race, Sea Turtles Released, Teenager Shot

OK, so you had a busy week. We understand. Let us catch you up on all the highlights!

1. Tragedy was seemingly avoided when a Dunedin toddler's father arrived home from work Halloween evening to find his wife performing CPR on their daughter after she was found face down in a pool.

2. Dunedin resident Bill Coleman penned this letter to the editor urging his neighbors not to become divided over issues involving the Dunedin Fine Art Center and the "politics of an election." Do you agree or disagree? Perhaps you'd like to post your own thoughts on Patch?

3. In the showdown between past and present Dunedin mayors, candidate Bob Hackworth leads Dave Eggers in the money race. See where each candidate's spending stands as we get ready for Election Day.

4. Cold, wispy winds didn’t hinder the release of two rescued turtles, "Hold Up" and "Fat Albert," at Honeymoon Island State Park on Tuesday morning. Be sure to also check out the photo gallery of their release.

5. Police are not only looking for a suspect in the recent shooting of a Dunedin teenager, they also are still trying to find where the possible crime occurred.


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