Top Headlines: Sail Honeymoon, Giving Tree, and Fluoride in the Water

OK, so you had a busy week. We understand. Let us catch you up on all the highlights!

1. Patch is profiling the recent winners of the Dunedin Chamber of Commerce's business of the year honors. First up: that has become a landmark on the Dunedin Causeway.

2. A Dunedin man was slapped with a felony after he early Saturday. 

3. The election of two new "pro-fluoride" candidates earlier this month has sparked the Pinellas County Commission to vote to put fluoride back into the county's drinking water. Last year, the City of Dunedin voted to keep fluoride in its water. What do you think of this controversial issue?

4. The City of Dunedin is soliciting community donations of non-perishable food items, grocery gift cards and new children's toys in the lobby at City Hall for its annual Giving Tree now through Dec. 20.

5. A Dunedin veteran recently recalled his time aboard the USS Enterprise, the world's first nuclear aircraft carrier, which is scheduled to be decommissioned this month following 50 years of service.

jwillie6 December 02, 2012 at 05:56 PM
Fluoride is neither a nutrient nor essential for healthy teeth. No adult has ever walked out of their doctor's office with a prescription for the fluoride drug because it is deadly poison and the body has no known use for it. It is never included in any multi-vitamin formulation. Drinking it to prevent tooth decay is as foolish as drinking sunscreen to prevent sunburn. Every fluoride toothpaste tube carries the warning "if swallowed, call a poison control center immediately." As a top scientist and the premier international authority on fluoride, last year Dr. Paul Connett's published his most recent book "The Case Against Fluoride." It contains over 1200 studies (80 pages) and sound scientific reasoning showing the ineffectiveness and dangers to health including cancer, thyroid & pineal gland damage, broken hips from brittle bones, lowered IQ, kidney disease, arthritis and other serious health problems.
-Ed Harris- December 04, 2012 at 02:29 AM
Such sour grapes! The election is over! The county and City of Dunedin now have safe effective Fluoride! End of story! Tea stains removed! Birthers beaten back! Conspiracy theories debunked!


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