Triplets! Osprey Cam Shows 1, 2, 3 Hungry Chicks

A pair of ospreys have hatched three chicks, as web cam followers enjoy a bird's eye view of the momentous event.

The "Osprey Cam," perched high on a utility pole in Dunedin, has revealed that a pair of parent ospreys have hatched three chicks. Boy, are they hungry!

Here are some photos of the babies. You can see more on the website, Dunedin Osprey Cam.

The hatchlings just emerged at the end of April. (See Congratulations! It's a Baby Osprey!)

The live webstream cam allows humans to have an unusual up-close view, as the parents feed their three hungry chicks.

The parents seem so devoted and constantly busy bringing food to the chicks. The parents tear up the food and place it in the hungry mouths.

If you enjoy what you see, check out the group's Facebook page.

History of Dunedin Osprey Cam

According to the DunedinOspreyCam website:
This project began in December 2007.  The idea was to provide a bird’s eye view inside a Dunedin osprey nest to the public.  During the winter of 2008 – ’09 much progress was made on the project.  Tim Marshall established the original web page to help move the project forward.  Barbara Walker, who is very active in raptor conservation in Pinellas County, developed an osprey science project for 4th and 5th graders or for Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts.  The city obtained the necessary Florida state permits.

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