Grow Local Tour: 7venth Sun Brewing Company

Join Dunedin Patch on the community garden's tour on how to shop, eat and grow extremely local.

The words roll right off Devon Kreps' tongue:

Brettanomyces, lactobacillus, pediococcus and sacchromyces.

Kreps, co-owner of 7venth Sun Brewing Co. on Broadway, told participants on The Great Garden-to-Beer Trolley Tour that those strange words were actually key yeast and bacteria behind the unique taste sensations of their local microbrews. 

Kreps also explained how the "mom and pop" brewery fits into the big craft beer picture next to giants like Sweetwater Brewing Company and Anheuser-Busch. (Watch the Patch video above.)

7venth Sun Brewing Co. was the fourth stop in a recent Jolley Trolley charter tour, organized by Dunedin Community Garden volunteers, that sought to encourage and educate consumers on how to shop smarter, buy more locally-produced food and beverages, and how to ask the right questions about products. 

The tour stopped at four local businesses — the Dunedin Community GardenJJ Gandy's Pies in Palm Harbor, Jensen Bros. Seafood and 7venth Sun Brewing (with special guest Bee Branch Creek Apiaries).

Dunedin Patch stowed away on the three-hour tour and we're bringing you a video spotlight from each stop to help spread the word about Dunedin companies dedicated to growing and producing local food and beverages.

Next stop: Bee Branch Creek Apiaries

Previous stops: 

  • Dunedin Community Garden
  • JJ Gandy's Pies
  • Jensen Bros. Seafood

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