Thanks, Cecilia, Commenter of the Week

We love when our readers share their opinions. Of course, we appreciate it when people agree to disagree, post important questions and share personal stories.

Dunedin Patch encourages everyone to take part in the conversation! So, every week we're going to highlight and thank a reader who commented on one or more stories that week.

We want to hear your concerns, we like to hear your stories and of course we greatly appreciate it when you agree to disagree in a respectful manner.

This week, we thank Cecilia for her dialogue on a story about the citywide branding issue: .

was chosen as our first "Commenter of the Week" because she expressed her views about the city's decision to pursue a citywide branding strategy, respected our Terms of Use, responded to fellow commenters and kept the discussion moving forward constructively.

Check out an excerpt: 

"To take this all a step further...What are the Marketing plans that the City has? Or are there any? I continue to hear that this branding logo is designed to be used in Dunedin's marketing????? Are they planning to market to bring more tourists - like that idea; it bring in $$, bring in new industry/business, like that idea it bring in $$ - to attract new residents, if so what demographic are they hoping to attract, young professionals, familes, diverse, seniors? 
MAYBE, MAYBE if we knew what the marketing was to be geared toward all of us might have a better idea of what this new logo is trying to convey. Is there a concrete marketing plan or is this colorful, happy 73K logo just something pretty to stick on letterhead? Does anyone know?"

Thank you, Cecilia, for sharing your thoughts and views on Dunedin Patch!


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