Five Things to Maintain Your Home's Exterior

Many homeowners don't think about the exterior of their home until it is time to sell. Here's a look at simple routine maintenance.

Even the most meticulous housekeepers often overlook the exterior. Experts suggest five things to maintain the condition of your home. It really isn't a daunting list, but homeowners should stay on top of it to prevent problems.

1) Gutters. When gutters get clogged, they cause leaks. Most homeowners should clean gutters, screens or not, twice a year, but more frequently if you have a lot of trees nearby.

2) Painting. Keeping up with paint helps the exterior from weathering and deteriorating over time. You may need to paint every three to five years, although some homes can wait as long as 10 years. Homes with wood siding and trim will need more frequent painting. Paint on vinyl may last 10 years, or may not require paint at all. Paint on stucco should last 10 to 15 years.

3) Caulking. This helps prevent water from getting inside your house. Over time, it dries out, allowing water to slip past the barrier. Exterior caulking should be done every three to five years. Make sure to focus on areas where two different types of material meet, like around window trim.

4) Air Filters. This is such an easy job and often overlooked by homeowners. All you need to do is replace it every other month, or monthly if you have pets. It is a quick and painless five-minute job that keeps your family healthier, keeps your utility bills down and preserves the life of your air-conditioning equipment.

5) Air conditioning check. Another easy job that should be done once or twice a year. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call a professional to come out and serve the unit. This typically involves cleaning the coils as needed, adding freon, and ensuring the unit functions properly.

This week's featured listing won't require any exterior maintenance, although you will still need to maintain your air conditioner and filters in this newly listed condo:

The home at 632 Edgewater Drive No. 534 is located in the 55-plus community of . The home features:

  • Three bedrooms, two baths and approximately 1,900 square feet,
  • Panoramic views from the fifth floor,
  • Heater pool, cabana, clubhouse, fitness room, and tiki grill area,
  • And a Spacious floor plan.

The price is $285,000.

Call Coldwell Banker Residential at 727-239-2860 for information.


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