Hardest Part of Dog Training Is Teaching the Owner

After one day with a professional training service, my dog's behavior has already improved. Now it's up to me to keep it going.

Grayson and Kaiah had their first training day — or should I say, I had my first day of training — with Learn With Jenza.

I think it is harder for me than for them. Why? Well, I'm a sucker.

Grayson whines, and I feel bad. (I have not caved in yet, but I still feel bad.) Then Kaiah gives me a funny look, and I feel bad all over again. 

This process is more about training me to do what is right for them than the other way around.

So far, Lisa at Learn with Jenza has given me some great ideas, and within one day I have seen improvement on a couple of things. I cannot wait to see how it progresses. 

Following Lisa's instructions, I can now put Kaiah’s leash on without her jumping all over me, and I can walk out the door holding her leash without her jumping. 

I have not had a chance to try Lisa's suggestions for Grayson's separation anxiety yet, but I am hoping for good results. 

Getting training has actually made things easier, and I feel lucky that Lisa found a couple of things that have helped me already. One day of training will not fix things, though. It will take follow through and finding the solution that will work best for my dogs and me.

If I can have Kaiah’s jumping fixed and Grayson’s separation anxiety fixed, I will be the happiest mommy ever! 

Are you ready to give training a try? Find local training resources and dog-friendly establishments in the Gulfport Patch directory.

Spaulding Wilde March 22, 2012 at 11:46 AM
Can we get the dog owners whose dogs bark for hours to get some training too? A dog lover myself, the marina district often sounds like living in a dog kennel. It's real noise polution and amazingly inconsiderate of neighbors. Spaulding, Gulfport
Shelly Maslak March 29, 2012 at 06:17 PM
I am sure that training can be done for barking. I am lucky and do not have that problem with my two. They only bark if someone knocks on the door. I think the local authorities can request the owner to calm their dog because a noise issue.


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