Moms Talk Q&A: Making Time for Me

How do you make time for yourself?

Moms Talk is a new feature on the Dunedin Patch, part of a new initiative on our Patch sites to reach out to moms and families.

The Dunedin Patch invites you and your circle of friends to help build a community of support for mothers and their families right here in Dunedin.

Each week in Moms Talk, our Moms Council of experts and smart moms will take your questions, give advice and share solutions.

Moms, dads, grandparents and the diverse families who make up our community will have a new resource for questions about local neighborhood schools, the best pediatricians, 24-hour pharmacies and the thousands of other issues that arise while raising children.

Moms Talk will also be the place to drop in for a chat about the latest parenting hot topic. Where can we get information on local flu shot clinics for children? How do we talk to our children about the Tucson shootings? How can we help our children's schools weather their budget cutbacks?

Today's topic is Making Time for Me (and My Spouse): How is your relationship with your spouse affected now that you have children? How do you make time for each other and for yourself?

Please use the comment box below for questions, or to share your experiences and the lessons you have learned. Holly, a new Dunedin-area mom and member of our Mom Council, weighs in on how a new baby has effected her relationship with her spouse:

"Change in our relationship was expected, after being a couple for so many years without a child. One month into parenthood, and I think we have gotten a routine down pretty well. I can tellĀ he is understanding of my need for some alone time, and he takes the baby for awhile, since I have been with her all day. We are both focused on her 100 percent right now, but still try to make time for each other (it just usually includes her!). We went to a Super Bowl party and have gone out to dinner with friends, carrier and baby in tow.

"It is relatively easy to bring her places right now since she sleeps so much, however, I know that will soon change! When she goes to sleep at night, we go to bed early and watch TV, or cuddle, or sometimes just fall asleep together. [In] the morning ..., we get up early, so we have about an hour of alone time to talk over coffee, or check emails together on our laptops. It isn't easy everyday, but with both of us making an effort, the changes we are experiencing are wonderful and growing us even closer as a family!"


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