Recycle Greeting Cards to Give Them New Life

Have old greeting cards, postcards and other scrap paper lying around? Pass on the inspiration!

I consider myself to be a sentimental person.

I can remember being young and watching an elderly couple, hand in hand, cross the street in my grandparents' retirement community. Even then, before I knew what love was, I appreciated what they shared.

As I grew older, I discovered how much I cherished the little things, the cards and little sticky notes I would receive from friends and loved ones, sharing sweet remarks and friendly reminders of how very loved I am. All of these cards and sticky notes have found their way, over the years, into one box. As I went through them, I decided that they deserved a new life in someone else’s hands.

I decided to recycle my old cards and make new ones. It was fun and easy, and it also gave me the opportunity to reflect on those who matter to me in my life while allowing me to share that appreciation with them. So gather your old cards, scrap paper, decorative paper, scissors and glue, and bring an old card new life!

How to Make a Recycled Greeting Card

First, I gathered the cards with sayings that I truly cherished. I have a few with love quotes on them and a few with simple cheer and positive regards. The cards that I did not wish to cut quotes from became the glued-upon ones.

  1. Take a card (make sure you can fit it in an envelope), and cut paper to cover any writing in the card. If the front of the card needs to be covered, try decorative paper. I like to use old postcards, stock paper (which is thick and can be used as a card itself) and newspaper.
  2. After you cut the paper to fit the card, glue it onto the card, making sure to fit the corners. Let it dry.
  3. While the cards dry, start cutting out your desired décor. I usually stick with a nature theme or match the décor with the recipient's personality. Cut out as many pieces as your little hands can stand, and put them to the side.
  4. Then the fun part! Start to layer your cutouts on your dried card. If you would like to keep it simple with words on the front and cutouts in the middle, be sure to give the cards time to dry.

Personalize the card, and give it your final touch! These are the most simple and meaningful gifts to give to someone, and hopefully they will cherish it for a long while, too.

Give Northerners a Taste of the Beach

Another fun and simple idea is to create a beach scene. Although I am not too fond of collecting seashells down by the seashore, I will sometimes pick the little boring turret shells, tigers paw shells and little plate limpets and collect them in a Ziploc bag along with a few scoops of sand. Get a thick piece of paper, fold it into quarters and create your own custom beach scene. It is fun and personalized, and all of your northern friends will appreciate having a piece of your beach.

This summer, be sure to take time to enjoy the indoors whenever the heat has overcome you outdoors. Find fun and innovative ways to recycle your old things and in the words of my grandfather — or, as we called him, PopPop — “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

Happy crafting!

Looking for inspiration? Check out craft stores in and around Dunedin.


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