Thanks, Beth, Commenter of the Week

We love when our readers share their opinions, agree to disagree, post important questions and share personal stories.

This week, we thank  for her comment on . 

Beth tuned into Patch during the on Tuesday. We live-streamed the entire event, but not without some hiccups.

It was the first time Patch attempted to bring live-streaming coverage to our users across an entire county simultaneously. Folks from all over Pinellas logged onto their Patch site to watch the candidates sound off and they let us know in the comment section when they were experiencing problems. This feedback was incredibly useful to us. We could troubleshoot for solutions and let you know what was going on while it was happening. 

In all, it was a great learning experience.

And when it was all said and done, Beth's comment made us feel like all our effort was valuable, even if it wasn't entirely flawless. Here, she replied to a comment from a Patch employee: 

Chris, I, for one, appreciate the effort the PATCH has made to allow me to have a feel for how the debate has gone. The first time we use any technology, there are always glitches. We only learn when something doesn't go just as planned. I have no idea why Bay News 9 isn't carrying the debate live. If it were not for the PATCH, I'm not certain I could have experienced what I have in the last hour or two. Again, thank you.

We appreciate everyone's feedback on this live event. But we especially thank Beth, for her patience and appreciation (and for following our Terms of Use).

It's nice to know we've got support from our users as we try to bring forward news in innovative ways. Hopefully, we'll just get better and better with time!

Thanks again, Beth! 


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