That Home Inspection Is Worth the Cost

Know what you are buying. Also check out the featured Dunedin home for sale.

Almost any residential real estate transaction is going to come with a recommended home inspection. It may or may not include checking for termites.

Although lending institutions only require it when a home is financed, cash buyers are encouraged to invest in a professional inspection.

A typical home inspection involves a licensed or unlicensed professional completing a checklist of the following:

  • Structure: Foundation, walls, ceiling, floors and roofs.
  • Exterior: Stucco or siding, elevation and landscaping, windows, doors, trim, etc.
  • Roof: Framing, ventilation, shingles or tile, flashing and gutters.
  • Electrical: Wiring, receptacle, breakers, panel, light fixtures, etc.
  • Plumbing: Showers, sinks, toilets, faucets and drains.
  • Systems: Air conditioners, heaters, fireplaces and sprinklers.
  • Appliances: Refrigerators, dishwashers, stove, washer and dryer, as well as smoke detectors and garbage disposals.

Home inspections verify the condition of the listed items so the buyer can make an educated purchasing decision. Home inspections typically don't include asbestos, WDO (wood destroying organisms aka termites), radon, lead, or mold. Those inspection services can be contracted for an additional fee, and are also an important factor in purchasing a home.

So what do you do with your inspections once completed?

Buyers can use the information to negotiate repairs and price with the seller, but also have peace of mind in knowing exactly what is being purchased.

This week's featured home for sale in Dunedin is a newly remodeled, single-family home.

The home at 48 Broadway St. is an affordable home in Shore Crest, one block from where Orangewood stormpipes will be installed over the next year. The home features:

  • Two bedrooms, one bath and approximately 800 square feet,
  • New appliances,
  • New garage door and air conditioner, and a
  • Spacious one-car garage.

It is listed at $84,900.

Call Chase Real Estate at 727-410-4676 for information.


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