Two Dogs Have an Angel Looking After Them

Julio and Mo were left at the barn to fend for themselves, until Penny came along.

At a bankrupt stable in Dunedin near an angel has been caring for two abandoned dogs. Her name is Penny.

Penny, who has a horse at the stable, found Julio and Mo, two Labrador retrievers — one yellow and one chocolate, possibly pure bred — who needed some care. She has been keeping the two 80-pound dogs fed with what money she has, making sure they stay healthy with flea and heartworm prevention for six months.   

The 2-year-old pups have been living at the barn for some time. The original owner says, that they already have four dogs and cannot keep any more and has given Penny permission to find Julio and Mo new homes.

For now, the dogs still sleep in a barn stall or in holes they dig beneath the barn to stay cool.

Both dogs are up to date on their shots from Dr. Masters, but they have not been neutered.

Understand that Penny is not the dogs' owner. She is their angel, a true "animal person," who's caring for Julio and Mo as best she can. She says that the dogs are alone most of the time, and she wants them to be loved. That is why she contacted a local rescue to help find them a new home. Even in these hard times, her heart is as big as the sun.

My hope is that there are more people out there who will stand up for animals like these. Without humans, some of them would never make it. 

Without Penny, I doubt Julio and Mo would have made it this far.

How you can get involved:

If you're interested in helping Julio and Mo, send a message to columnist Patch profile for more information.

To help other Dunedin dogs in need, try:

Shelly Maslak September 26, 2011 at 12:39 PM
No problem! That would be wonderful Kelli! Anything helps! I feel so bad they just need some attention and love.
Kelli September 26, 2011 at 01:46 PM
Can we go visit them? My heart is just breaking knowing they are all by themselves....I would adopt them in a heartbeat but our golden isn't very "dog friendly"!
Danielle Ives September 27, 2011 at 01:13 AM
My sister is Kelli and I heard about the dogs and would love to adopt them. I have a rescued chocolate lab and he is 4 and a 13 yr old chocolate lab. Is there a way for them to be able to be transported up to New Jersey? My e-mail is danielle.ives@wfadvisors.com
Annie Welker September 28, 2011 at 01:49 AM
Hi Shelly: I left U a message yesterday, but I do believe in the wrong place. Anyways I said also I wld like to help donating for food or whatever Peggy needs for these 2 beauties, I'm dieing to have a couple of dogs and what couldn't be so marvalous to have them, but I don't have the luxury to have the space. Also I wld like to see them or walked maybe during Friday to Sundays that I am off. I work long hours during Mon - Thrus. I left in the message my phone # 661-839-6565 pls call after 7pm. to coordinate. I left also a message last nite in the Ddunedi Rescue facebook page on the link of this beautiful dogs. My email address is annybuck@yahoo.com Thank U so much for what U do to help this innocent animals that are able to give so much love to humans.Looking forward to speak with U. Anniew Welker
Shelly Maslak September 28, 2011 at 01:25 PM
Hi Annie, I have forwarded your information to KK the co-founder of the rescue! Thank you all for being such great, giving people!


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