What Dunedin's Saying: Obama Volunteer Controversy at Dunedin High

The principal was told to not promote one political side or the other in mentioning volunteer opportunities, the Tampa Bay Times reported. Here's what some Patch readers had to say. What's your take?

A complaint from a parent has prompted Dunedin High School to stop promoting a student volunteer opportunity tied to President Barack Obama — which in turn prompted Dunedin Patch readers to speak up.

"The school is not allowed to sway one way!!!" wrote Rhonda.

"Baloney..So we should shelter High School Students from politics??" commented windy. "How lame is that. These kids are the future of this Great Country ~ give them some credit for the intelligence , they have and encourage involvement in the process of Government."

Reader -Ed Harris- posted, "I am a registered Republican, in 1982 when I graduated from DHS, we were very involved with politics and announcements like this one were common. I sat at a table handing out flyers. What is different now? Nothing! Let them announce away!"

What do you think? Did the school district make the right call here, or did the parent's complaint have merit?

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