Dave Eggers Says City Gets His 'Heart and Soul'

Mayor Dave Eggers says he has a team-oriented approach to Dunedin's future. He is running for re-election against former mayor Bob Hackworth in the 2012 election.

Dave Eggers approaches his job as mayor like he does calling balls and strikes.

Eggers, a longtime coach and umpire for Greater Dunedin Little League, said his deliberate, “consensus-style” leadership encourages a team-like atmosphere and citizen involvement.

“In umpiring you see a play happen,” he said. “You pause, you read the situation and then call it safe or out.”

In government, “when issues come, you pause, you be patient, you read the landscape a little bit and then you react.”

The drawback?

“You can’t get things done quite as quickly,” he said.

It's a quality his opponent Bob Hackworth calls unneccesary lingering and "manufactured drama."

But it’s the city's most divisive issues, like the  last year, Eggers said could have been avoided with a little more time for resident discussion and buy-in. 

Eggers spent a term as commissioner before succeeding Hackworth as mayor in 2009. Hackworth left his seat to make a bid for Pinellas County Commission in 2010. He differs from his opponent, in that “I have not chosen to move on,” Eggers said, residents “have my heart and soul. Without any doubt in my mind, they get all of me.”

Eggers, who earned a masters in business from the University of Pittsburgh, spent his time as mayor carefully and deliberately "reading the landscape" and grooming the city to attract business.

“We’re on the precipice of some really good economic development activity,” Eggers said. 

Growth is essential to jumpstarting Dunedin's economy, he says, but it must be managed “the right way” to ensure Dunedin keeps its charm.

That’s why he’s dedicated nearly the last four years to gathering studies and citizen input on the future of all of Dunedin's major commercial corridors (i.e., Patricia Avenue, Dunedin Causeway, State Road 580, Douglas Avenue, etc.), and creating clearer building codes that serve to protect property rights along with the city’s charm.

Dunedin is ripe for continued growth.

The city is locked into a county extension on  and  to Virginia Avenue. And with Pizzuti Builders’ , and the 25-acre for “somebody’s vision to come into play,” Eggers foresees Dunedin being “a prime place” for business.

“We can get a lot done; that’s why I decided to run again,” he said.

Eggers, a realtor, spent much of his childhood overseas in Peru and Guatemala. His father was in the construction business; his grandfather served as a mayor in Kentucky. He fell in love with Dunedin when he began coaching little league baseball from Safety Harbor. He moved his business to Dunedin and began getting involved in government affairs. He lives in Dunedin with Becky, his wife of seven years, a dog and two cats. Both his father and aunt live in the area.

Anti-Westboro Baptist September 15, 2012 at 08:00 PM
Tim do you live in a different town? Under Bob Dunedin was thriving and under Dave everything is falling apart. You might want to talk with City employees off the record, they will tell you what Dave and Dave have been doing and just how they have been treated. People here want services, they are not cheap and people here know you get what you pay for so when you constantly have the lowest bidder thinking you get the lowest bidder result . I'm sorry I don't agree with you. You seem like a smart guy I'm just not seeing the same things you are.
Bad Choices September 15, 2012 at 10:35 PM
Well, Tim, as one of the 62, I have to say I have a much different opinion on whether eliminating jobs is something to be proud of. Clearly you are on the "public employees are the enemy" bandwagon. Every economic recovery over the past several decades has been led by growth in the public sector. This time, as the private sector adds jobs, it's the loss in public jobs that is acting as an anchor. Yeah, I know your response... "Get another job." Its not so easy in this economy when you're on the far side of 50 and find yourself having to start from scratch. The loss of income and loss of health insurance is devastating. I'll tell you what, though. It will be a lot easier to stand in line at the food pantry to help feed the family, with the knowledge that you were able to save a few bucks on your property taxes.
Anti-Westboro Baptist September 16, 2012 at 12:25 AM
Wow just heard the news about the job cuts for the city, again. Dave, your not going to be happy until you and Dave cut every city job, maybe we should just unincorp' and go back to horses!
Cecilia September 16, 2012 at 02:27 PM
BFF of the Mayor, Hired Publicist or Campaign Manager? Either way you are a great cheerleader for him and doing a stellar job as such, Tim. Congrats!
Bill McElligott September 16, 2012 at 03:33 PM
Tim lives in another county


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