Candidates File for City Election

Three city commission seats are up for election this November, and at least one is contested so far. More candidates may still enter the race before the Aug. 13 qualifying deadline.

Campaign signs are beginning to pop up like wildflowers all over town.

Thus far, four people have opened a campaign account, but only one of three seats up for election is presently contested.

More candidates may still enter the race. The qualifying period is July 30 through noon on Aug. 13. 

The candidates who've thrown their hat in the ring, according to the city clerk's office, include:


  • Dave Eggers, incumbent, opened an account on Jan. 25

Commission Seat No. 1

  • Julie Scales, incumbent, opened an account on Oct. 7, 2011

Commission Seat No. 3

  • David Carson, incumbent, opened an account on Jan. 31
  • Heather Gracy, opened an account on April 18

Individuals interested in running for a seat may pick up a packet of information at the during regular business hours.

Monty Seidler June 01, 2012 at 12:22 PM
It's time to evaluate, decide, and VOTE. Dunedin Patch is reporting. Pass it on. Tell your Dunedin neighbor to get involved and take action. Read, do your homework, comment, voice your opinion and VOTE!
Nancy Lynam June 02, 2012 at 01:06 AM
Mayor Eggers distinguished himself this year claiming to know more than the entire scientific, medical and dental community by his failed attempt to remove fluoride from Dunedin's water. He was joined by Julie Bujalski, whom we unfortunately can't vote out of office this time around. Dunedin's water -- and its progressive agenda -- are among the best in Tampa Bay. Let's keep the fluoride and dump fossils such as Eggers. And Bugalski, when we can.
E Stevenson June 20, 2012 at 10:06 AM
Mayor Eggers and Julie Bujalski have my votes! I hope those who have chosen to force fluoridation on Dunedin citizens will be voted out of office. Only the salesmen were allowed into the meetings; not those who assiduously studied the issue and concluded fluoridation would not be in the citizens' best interest. If so many people are in favor of fluoride (not that it is pure elemental fluoride or even the same fluoride compound that occurs naturally in some drinking water that is being added to the water; and not that it is only fluoride being added to the water), why has a citizen vote by referendum been bypassed? Thank you, Mayor Eggers and Julie Bujalski, for respecting Dunedin citizens!!!


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