City Brand Moves Into Marketing Phase

City commissioners approved a trademark license agreement for Dunedin's logo, but wanted to see more from staff on how to use it to target tourists to the city, in a Dec. 20 public meeting at City Hall.

Dunedin's is ready for marketing, now that city leaders approved legalese for its use.

The only thing missing is a target audience, commissioners said at a Dec. 20 public meeting.

City Attorney Tom Trask's royalty-free trademark license agreement was a vital part of the preliminary brand marketing plan from city staff. 

Businesses and organizations will have to agree to the city's trademark license agreement if they want to use the new logo on marketing materials.

"Consistency is extremely important," Commissioner Julie Scales said. "I think it's very important that we be firm in monitoring that sort of thing."

The city has already distributed a brand standards manual to several local print shops.

Donating a web domain to the Dunedin Chamber of Commerce was another key part, said Bob Ironsmith, director of economic and housing development. Commissioners agreed that donating "dunedinfl.com" will allow the Chamber to replace its bulkier, hyphenated "dunedin-fl.com."

Some other elements to the marketing plan included:

  • Co-support the free citywide Wi-Fi, already provided by the Dunedin Chamber of Commerce.
  • Placing a directory at the Dunedin Municipal Marina.
  • Advertising the new brand on the Clearwater Jolley Trolley. 
  • Put branded letterhead and business cards into place as current supplies are exhuasted.
  • Adding brand decals for on the city vehicles.
  • Creating street banners for downtown.
  • Use of social media.

All of that seemed fine, to commissioners, but at least one key element was missing.

"It doesn't get into much target marketing here," Mayor Dave Eggers said. He suggested that staff come back with more details about how to go after a certain segment, such as the eco-tourism market, if that's an appropriate target.

Scales prompted staff and volunteers to continue working on the plan.

"None of us are marketing experts," she said.

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Joe Kurtzke January 04, 2013 at 07:06 PM
I would be more than happy to discuss a campaign to get the name and reputation out in the marketplace among a target market that will deliver results if contacted at joe.kurtzke@gmail.com
Cecilia January 04, 2013 at 10:16 PM
If you live in Dunedin, forget it. Commissioners only want out of towners branding Dunedin.


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