Eggers Spending Lightly on Campaign

Mayor Dave Eggers has raised and spent the least of any candidate in the 2012 city elections.

Mayor Dave Eggers has raised the least of any candidate in the 2012 city elections.

With just $14,950 in his campaign piggy bank, he's used about $9,100 toward signs, printing and mailing costs.

Some of his top contributors include himself; his father; Sarah W. Guthrie, a chairwoman on the board of a Clearwater manufacturing company; and Donald S. Jones, a longtime Dunedin mover-and-shaker at Mease Manor, where Eggers sits on the board.

He also received financial backing from owners of several family-owned businesses in the area.

Top Contributors:

  • Dave Eggers ($500)
  • Donald S. Jones, Mease Manor ($500)
  • Sarah W. Guthrie, a chair on the board at JT Walker Industries, a manufacturing company ($500)
  • James H. Eggers of Port Richey, Mayor Eggers' father, twice donated in the amount of ($500)
  • Steve Creney, security management ($350)
  • Anne B. Heller ($300)
  • Dino Constantinou, restaurant owner, affiliated with independent operating company of Country Boy Restaurant and Salon Suites on Main ($300)
  • Nicholas Mitsides, owner of Venus Restaurant of Largo, related to Dino Constantinou ($300)
  • Richard E. Nance of Salem, VA ($300)
  • Kristen Gray, travel agent at Ships-N-Trips, Inc. ($300)
  • Chris Yiallouros, restaurant owner at Mama's Kitchen in Seminole ($200)
  • Robert Nunley, manager and Eggers' neighbor, affiliated with Tampa Bay Fire Protection, Inc., a fire sprinkler sales company ($200)
  • John S Bays of San Francisco, real estate sales ($200)
  • Doris Laflam ($200)
  • Sandra Jones ($200)
  • Alan C. Bomstein, a general contractor at Creative Contractors ($200)
  • Anthony W. Mitchell ($200)

Contributions From Businesses or Organizations:

Top contributing businesses to Eggers' campaign were Salon Suites on Main ($250), Prelude Construction ($250) and Wolstein Chiropractic & Wellness Centers ($200).

In general, one-time contributions given to Eggers' campaign from businesses were not as generous when compared side-by-side with those made to his opponent

Here's a breakdown:

  • Salon Suites on Main, registered to Stavros Tingirides and managed by Mario Constantinou ($250)
  • Prelude Construction, registered to Thomas George ($250)
  • Wolstein Chiropractic & Wellness Centers ($200)
  • Coastal Builders, Inc., registered to Jason Lesser ($100)
  • Tampa Bay Publications, Inc. (Tampa Bay Magazine) ($100)
  • Hair Factor ($100)
  • Terbo Group, owned by Terry Hodge, Chamber board member ($100)
  • Ships-N-Trips, Inc., owned by Bill and Kristen Gray ($100)
  • Jim Goins Photography, donated three times ($100 total)
  • R&S Engineering, registered to David Ramsay ($75)
  • KRL Investments, LLC, a company registered to Andrew Gracy, Heather Gracy's husband, but managed and owned by Gary and Lori Badders ($50)
  • Security Title Company ($50)
  • Littlejohn Real Estate, owned by Susan Littlejohn, a Chamber of Commerce and Dunedin Historical Society board member ($50)
  • Amato Management ($50)
  • Countryside Dunedin Pet Boutique ($25)

In-Kind Contributions:

Eggers accepted the fewest in-kind contributions at just under $428. The breakdown:

  • Sylvia Tzekas, owner of Sea Sea Riders Restaurant, $300 for refreshments
  • Arnold Scruton, $50 for food
  • John Coyne, $50 for food 
  • Jack Greenfield $27.61 for sign materials
  • Dave Eggers $400 for 210 signs of various sizes


Eggers has spent roughly $9,098 of his campaign contributions, most of which went toward printing costs and signs. 

Here's the breakdown of his expenses:

  • Printing, design, direct mailing: $4,115 at The Mallard Group and On Demand Printing
  • Signs: $1,693 at The Mallard Group
  • Postage: $1,601
  • Campaign Party: $699 at Sea Sea Riders Restaurant
  • Website services: $268 to Emily Stone in Atlanta

For Dave Eggers' full report, visit his online Campaign Treaurer's Report.

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