Leaders To Widen BB Gun Restrictions

A proposed ordinance with language restricting BB gun use in all public areas will receive public comment for the final time at the city commission meeting May 3.

City leaders responded to the with even more restrictive language on Thursday.

Leaders agreed with restricting BB gun use in city parks, as the Public Safety Committee proposed in response to the hunting of two invasive Muscovy ducks in a neighborhood pond in November, and they also asked City Attorney Tom Trask to add language to the city ordinance that would outlaw their use on all public property in the city limits.

"To include public property ... I don't think it's at all unreasonable," said Commissioner Julie Scales, but shooting BB guns "in your own backyard, that's fine."

Commissioner Dave Carson, who grew up in a hunting community where it was acceptable to store his hunting rifle in his school locker during the day, said he wanted to be careful not to overreact to a one-time incident.

"The park issue is a no-brainer," he said. "But in your own backyard, I want to protect that."

Mayor Dave Eggers suggested addressing the issue with language that just disallowed hunting, instead of trying to list specific weapons.

A law already on Dunedin's books makes it illegal for a person to fire a slingshot, bow, sling or “other similar device” within corporate limits, but BB guns and pellet guns — considered compressed-air guns, not firearms — are not included in the language (Section 50-2). 

The proposed ordinance addresses only BB guns.

Two Muscovy ducks were attacked by young men with pellet guns and reportedly killed for food in a neighborhood retention pond between Alamo and Paloma lanes.

The sight of the . When deputies were called to the scene, they could not arrest any of the shooters because the ducks were an unprotected, invasive species, and no laws against firing air guns existed. ()

The  using pellet guns, marbles or BB guns from early August to mid-November. A student was also attacked with a BB gun  last year.

The Public Safety Committee is made up of citizens, many of whom are former law enforcement officers.

The proposed ordinance with language restricting BB gun use in all public areas will receive public comment for the final time at the next city commission meeting May 3.

Col. Korn April 23, 2012 at 12:48 PM
My Dear Comrades, It has already been made clear that the Two Young Men had not broken the law...and it seems to me that some people are angry about the fact that they couldn't arrest them on something and so are just trying to get back at them! Those Muscovy ducks are an unprotected, invasive species that need to be eliminated from our environment! We should give those Two Young Men a medal for what they did and encourage others to shoot more of them until they are eradicated. You all think those Muscovy Ducks are so cute? They are causing harm to our native species and soon we will feel the impact of their evasion! These Young men had every right to do what they did and we need to stand behind their action. All you gun grabbers, Alarmists and other such Knee-Jerk reactionaries need to back off. I almost cant believe that some of you cant see the positive side of their action! Hell, you let people FISH dont you? What the Hell is the difference? Those boys were hunting those ducks to put food on the table?! So be it! Your Obt. Svt. Col. Korn, Chief O" Mayhem in the Great WW-2, Now Chief O" Security and Sanitation (And the Complaint Dept.) OXOjamm Studios.
Patricia Ann May 02, 2012 at 11:27 AM
Seriously- that is your comment. Eradicate...Ducks! ??? A gun is a gun and it has no place killling animals or being shot in public. These two boys should have had to serve community service and possible had a class on 'compassion in 2012'. You sir have a warped idea on society and guns. I am sorry for your obvious fear of a duck take over.
Col. Korn July 23, 2012 at 08:49 PM
"Warped", ? P.S “The Last refuge of persons without position is to attack the spelling, Grammar, Accent, age or "Sanity" of their opponents”. John Lennon These two young men did not break the law in any way, shape or form. It isa bunch of liberal scum that has sought to change the Law (After the fact) in order to make it look like they broke the law. The law states that the Muscovy Ducks are an invasive species (Do you even know what that means?), Not Native to Florida and are considered a nuisance and are in fact only a few months away from having a bounty on them, being that they are forcing our native species of ducks out and are ruining the habitat for other native species to thrive. You and other knee-Jerk reactionary's need to get with it and learn that these boys are good solid young men who were doing the community a favor and feeding their family at the same time. You and others like you that only look at the negative aspects of a situation and not the positive and farther, who manipulate the facts and try to change the law with lies and half truths are the ones that are causing the youth of today to alienate themselves from us (And I dont blame them one bit!), After all. I dont want to be associated with people like YOU either. Your Obt. Svt. Col. Korn, Chief O" Mayhem in the Great WW-2, Now Chief O" Security and Sanitation (And the Complaint Dept.) OXOjamm Studios.


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