Marina Waterfront May See Enhancements

City officials are going over plans for unifying the Dunedin Marina with pedestrian-friendly downtown.

The future of Dunedin’s downtown waterfront is up for review Thursday.

Community Redevelopment Agency officials are going over an estimated $1.8 million plan to revamp the downtown marina and waterfront area.

Officials are discussing 18 proposed enhancements in their 2025 Illustrative Corridor Plan. And, based on commissioner feedback during a workshop Thursday, they may be incorporated into the overall strategy to help downtown become more functional and cohesive (2033 Community Redevelopment Agency Master Plan).

Some marina improvements include the addition of a parking garage, an interactive fountain at Edgewater Park and a promenade that connects the marina visually to downtown shops.

Community Redevelopment paired with Detroit-based civil engineering consultant Wade Trim in summer 2010 to come up with the Illustrative Corridor Plan. The area included is west of Pinellas Trail, south of Skinner Boulevard and north of Albert Street along the intracoastal waterway (aerial view is included in the photos above).

Planners weighed the community's concerns for views, coastal charm and waterfront dining experiences, the plan reads. They also weighed the community’s concern for developments that would "overpower" the area.

Potential enhancements are:

  1. Creating a Main Street promenade to connect the marina area to downtown.
  2. Reconfiguring intersections and adding walk signals for increased safety and accessibility.
  3. Developing the vacant parcel east of Edgewater Drive for mixed use.
  4. Adding a pedestrian connector at South Main Street and Scotland Street for safety and visibility.
  5. Incorporating an Albert Street connection to the Pinellas Trail.
  6. Improving car access and parking to the marina area.
  7. Restoring and enhancing the beach and sunset setting at Edgewater Park.
  8. Renovating the Historic Dunedin Boat Club building, circa 1936.
  9. Adding a breakwater, or breaker, mitigating wind and wave impact on the vessels docked in the marina.
  10. Adding transient boat slips, day docks and water taxi slips. Planners think this would bring more boaters to the area for day trips.
  11. Renovating or relocating the Dunedin Municipal Marina building.
  12. Expanding Edgewater Park. Planners would like to expand the park into the current parking lot, pending a proposed garage that would accommodate more cars.
  13. Streetscaping and walkway improvements to Broadway and Monroe Street.
  14. Adding brick “gateway” signs in three locations.
  15. Improving or relocating the boat ramp for better pedestrian access.
  16. Developing vacant lots with a three- to four-story building for possible mixed retail, restaurant, hotel, condominium or parking garage use. The vacant lots include 200 S. Main St. (privately owned) and the parcel east of Edgewater Drive (between Main and Scotland streets). Planners think this part of the plan would be the catalyst for pushing foot traffic to the marina area and propose for it to begin within five years.
  17. Opening up a part of the Best Western Yacht Harbor Inn to more boutique-type shops.
  18. Adding an interactive fountain to enhance and invite the pedestrian experience.

The plan will be discussed after the hot-button issue during a workshop at City Hall from 9 a.m. to noon Thursday.

Michael Spotz September 15, 2011 at 07:13 PM
If it isn't broke don't fix it. An eye sore of a parking garage, and crappy condos are not what Dunedin needs. Born and raised Dunedinite
Mark Veldhuis September 20, 2011 at 04:10 PM
Mark Veldhuis Dunedin crys poor mouth to city workers and is constantly looking at ways to save money, But when it comes to the "presious Downtown" money is no object. Who's ego is being stroked now, at tax payers expense, the "Comission" or the City Manager so he can look good when he interviews for his next overpaid job.
Steve October 13, 2011 at 05:26 PM
If updated in the right way, the majority of these enhancements would help the enjoyment of the area, and help everyone's property values too. If a town, business, or a person isn't growing and changing for the better over time it will surely die.
aaa May 10, 2013 at 05:01 AM
This is truly a fecal matter and should be handled with tender gloves on.
Steve May 10, 2013 at 11:41 AM
Originally from Kansas City, Mo area. Several large fountains in an area called the Plaza helped make the area a unique and peaceful place. With all Dunedin has going for it perhaps adding several around the area might do the same, only better. Seems that could really draw folks downtown then to the waterfront.


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