New City Project Adds 88 Parking Spaces to Downtown

A new city parking lot next to the Dunedin Brewery with access to the Pinellas Trail helps ease parking congestion downtown.

A new parking lot near the will add 88 parking spots for a busy downtown area.

The city negotiated with a private owner of an empty lot to create a much-needed parking area that is also accessible to the Pinellas Trail.

The parking lot is located at 400 Douglas Ave, said Trevor Davis, Dunedin's special projects coordinator. It is in the vacant lot where Keller Engineering once stood.

"I'm real proud of that," Davis said of the city's deal with the private land owner. "We have a three-year lease with two one-year contract renewal options. We're very proud of that project."

Dunedin is proud of its downtown whether its an eatery or a club or an arts-related shop. But what the city was not proud of was the congestion and parking issues related to downtown.

Fewer parking spots often means turning away people who would spend money.

"We spent $43,000," Davis said of the lease."I think it shows a real creative element between the City of Dunedin and the property owner. 

"How can we make this happen?"

Because of the proximity to the Dunedin Brewery, the Dunedin landmark even contributed an undisclosed amount to seal the deal on the new parking lot.

The city had to so some housekeeping to make the lot a little more pleasing to the eye.

"The difference is remarkable," Davis said. "It's dramatic, much more open, much more inviting. It came out great."

The lot now has a black fence and is accessible to the Pinellas Trail, not just the Dunedin Brewery.

"The surface was uneven and rough," Davis said. "We did some leveling. It was an eyesore, a blight."

C.Brown October 22, 2011 at 03:45 PM
It is about time glad to hear it so tired of the feeling that we could get towed at any min.
Michael Bryant October 22, 2011 at 03:51 PM
The City did a great, fast and high quaklity job with their own forces, let's toast to those guys and the Commissiones and City Staff
Michael Bryant October 22, 2011 at 03:52 PM
Lets try that again......The City did a great, fast and high quality job with their own forces, let's toast to those guys and the Commissioners and City Staff
jeff allen October 22, 2011 at 05:07 PM
Awesome for the Brewery and Dunedin. Congrats, Bryants. Slainte.


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