Memorial May Move Out of Marina Parking Lot

City staff is asking officials for permission to move the state stone military memorial 100 feet from the Dunedin marina parking lot to a more appropriate place inside Edgewater Park. The relocation would cost about $8,600.

An asphalt parking lot is no place for a veterans’ memorial, or so says some city staff.

Staff wants to see the Veterans of Foreign Wars memorial in the parking lot at moved to a more "appropriate” location.

The relocation would open up two parking spaces inside the marina lot.

If officials agree at Thursday's commission meeting, and are OK with spending $8,600 to move it, the distinct memorial, built of stones from each state, would fine a new home roughly 100 feet east, nearer to the flag pole in .

"The relocation would improve visibility and access to the memorial," a memo from city manager Rob DiSpirito states. It would also "complement the existing flow of the park" and allow for two marina parking spaces.

The stone memorial was constructed on the site in 1970 to honor all those who served in the United States military. The parking area has since developed around it, a city memo states.

Commander Dutch Grubbs supports the relocation, according to city documents, and proposed having it complete in time for a Veterans Day relocation ceremony.

The relocation itself would cost $5,000, which would come from Community Redevelopment Agency’s parking improvement fund. The memorial’s new foundation, lighting, pavers and curbing would run an estimated $3,600, and would be deducted from Penny for Pinellas funds, according to city documents.


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