Fashion Over Function?

My eyes are glazed over, my head aches and sweat glazes my brow.  It was January the second.



Yes, as has become our new year tradition, every second of January I plop down at the desk with several cups of coffee, a calculator and multiple stacks of wrinkled receipts and papers and begin the arduous task of filing taxes!  Mind you, the end result is not a bad one.  Kind of like lottery time around our household as with all our little tax deductions running around they guarantee us a very nice return!  Ah yes, now I remember why I love them! 

WHOA!  Take it easy with the venomous condemnation!  Was only joshing!

I know the true value of our children. They're helpful at chore time and the little ones have small fingers perfect for cleaning out shell casings!


Yes, from ten am yesterday until about fifteen minuets to closing I sat hunched over the computer following step by step to complete the chore, as well as the quarterly state tax (yuck!).  That one's a real thorn in my side!  Both charging it and paying it.  BUT what must be done, must be done!

It goes without saying that nothing else got done around here.  Oh sure, took a little time to send a couple more rides home with good folks.  The ladies Trek hybrid went to a very nice lady who wanted to "buy one for herself".  Seems a recent ex boyfriend had offered to buy her one just before they became "just friends", but he was going to get her one from Wal-mart.  Yea, there's a good way to loose a girlfriend, tell her she's only worth Wal-Mart! Also, thanks to Uncle Chippie for his continuous pimping of Re-Cycle, as one of his fellow Gomba's came in on a parts run!  Other then that, and a few welcome Looky Loo's, it was nothing but paperwork!

We did manage to get in a couple more gems!  A 20" Haro BMX and a 24" BMX!!  Don't see many of those around! 

So, last night, around eleven O'clock as Angi, I and the older boys were vegging in front of our ritual "Supernatural" marathon we her a muffled "Puhumph" outside accompanied with a bright blue flash.  Then another and another and so on.  Seems the local transformers were blowing.  Quickly Angi ordered everything to be shut down and we went outside to see what was happening.  We had noticed earlier it was getting a tad bit windy outside but were not prepared for what met us as we streaked outside in our light, casual evening cloths.  Bitter cold!  We were outside long enough to notice that a fire truck was parked out front of our neighbors house and it appeared that half the residents were mingling about.  Standing in only sweat shorts I opted for a quick retreat back into the house but Kaleb hung out and asked questions.  Seems the transformer behind the neighbors not only popped, but caught fire!  Lucky for us, though the remainder of the houses were dark, ours somehow still had electricity!  This morning as I was headed out to work, I discovered the real ill effects of last nights encroaching winds, and that was 43 degree weather!  As I only had my hoodie with me, it was a brisk ride into work to say the least.  Of course, once here, I witnessed some of the folks milling about who were caught unaware as well.  Several were quickly darting about in a variety of unseasonable dress.  Shorts with parkas, T-shirts with gloves and scarfs.  One lady even had a skirt, open toe sandals and a heavy winter wind breaker on!  Ah yes, Florida.  Land of the unprepared!

Allrighty!  Now, I am off to labor away, so I wish you all a good day!

See ya soon!

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