OK. Now THIS Is Winter!

OY!  What a day!

The ups and downs started on Sunday.  After a brisk Saturday we were surprised to wake up Sunday morning and discover the temperature hovering around 74.  Spent the day playing and enjoying the unseasonable weather and the final day of Christmas break.  Come Monday morning the kiddos were awoke, surprisingly, by Dad on time and as their clothes had been set out the night before we made it out the door with plenty of time for them to make it for breakfast with their friends.  The weather was still a balmy 70ish so their outerwear was less then substantial.  I should have paid more attention to the weather report.  Around ten am the cold front barged in!  How the heck one gust of wind can drop the temps 30 plus degrees in less then an hour is beyond me!  But there it was.  Angi, regrettably, had to be called in to do a bank run to get the rent in the landlords account.  As she is well under the weather I regretted having to call her, but landlords wait for no man! So she stalwartly fought the good fight and soldiered on!   As she was here around school out time I rang them and asked to have the kiddo's jet to the shop (as we are closer then the house) and have Angi usher them home via cab.  This of course left their bikes here, which they would need in the AM.  Once Kaleb made it home, he and Elijah bundled up and proceeded to take two of them back, leaving Owens bike for me to handle when I closed.  After lights out, I tried to finagle his ride, but as it was much smaller then mine, the "Ghetto Tow" wouldn't work.  Fully aware that I would be drawing undue attention, I consigned myself to the fact that I had no other option, and set out with his bike slung over my back fully intent on being noticed.  Which I was.  No more then a couple hundred yards from the shop I drew rollers on  my back.  First a horn, then sirens, lights and spotlight.  Stopping my ride and setting down Owen's I got off and stood (with hands contritely to my side) about 20 feet from the cruiser.  Now, here's where some officers take things a little too seriously.  Instead of just poking his head out the window and calling me to the cruiser he used the PA!  LOL!  YEP!  Kind of got himself Al Capone's Vault!  OK, I played nice and cautiously  stepped towards the cruiser.  He paused for dramatic effect, then with great flourish swung open the cruiser door, stood tall, did the whole Captain Picard maneuver of straightening his utility belt, and with chest effectively puffed up, strode towards me.  Now, here's where my wife's least favorite aspect of my character came out!  Before he could even get out "wha..." I spelled the whole thing out for him.  Why I was there, where I came from, where the kids went to school, why I was carrying a bike, my name, home address and phone number etc, etc all in one breath! (I've never been one for social niceties.  If I know what you are going to say I'll spare you the effort of having to say it)  He paused (for effect) took out his pen and little pad (doing the one handed flip of the cover, Colombo style) and completely unperturbed asked, "name?"


Of course, as has always been my experience, anyone stopping you, either friend or foe, when it is cold outside, must take an excruciatingly long time getting to the bloody point!  Once all info was taken he invited me to stand closer to his cruisers engine, to keep warm while he "called it in".  Apparently, computers are also aware of the ambient temperature and are programmed to take longer processing info when the temp drops below 40 degrees!  After an eternity and ten minuets, I was "free to go!"  Yes, I am happy that the police are taking a more aggressive stance on bike theft and anyone trying to ride two bikes is gonna get yanked, but it was cold! 

Speaking of landlords!  (we were, just go back a couple paragraphs) Finally got to talk to our new landlords yesterday.  And they sound like a very nice couple.  From what I could ascertain they are professional landlords and their interest is keen on keeping us in the home, NOT selling it off!  HUZZAH!  Perhaps our luck is coming to fruition!  I made it clear that our goal is based on Miranda.  She is currently 18 months old and we wish to not have to move until she turns eighteen.  I don't think state law would allow a sixteen plus year lease, but at least we are on the same page! 

Speaking of kids!  Logan made me a proud Papa on Sunday INDEED!  As has been my goal with each and everyone of my children, he is becoming quite the Fanboy Geek!  Elijah was the first with his love of movies, but Logan is quickly catching up with Geekdom!  Not only his recent immersion in the world of "Magic; The Gathering" but Sunday he really threw me for a loop!  While Elijah was playing "Need For Speed" on the video game, the car he was driving rear ended a police cruiser and the hood flew up and off the car.  Without missing a beat, Logan, who had been watching, stated "What was that?  Was that the primary buffer panel?!  Did the primary buffer panel just fall off my Goram ship!?"  I was ecstatic!  For those not in the know, those were the first lines uttered by Captain Malcolm Reynolds on board Serenity in the movie of the same name based on my favorite cult classic TV show, Firefly!  I couldn't help but walk up and hug the boy!  Not only did he say it, but he said it right, word for word!  Ah yes, our little Padawan is coming along nicely! 


So, needless to say, with Arctic like temps yesterday we were less then busy.  I do say thank you to all the folks braving the elements and paying us a visit (oddly enough, most were Canadian) but as always, this time a year leaves us a little light on new stock, and more heavy on kids bikes.  We did manage to pump out some repairs, though.  Thanks to every and all for your trust and patronage!  Also put out two new rides!  A 20" Diamondback BMX, this one has been sitting around for some time waiting for a new life.  Finally got in the parts I needed Saturday to finish her up!  Also, a ladies 24" MTB!  We have been having many requests for not only ladies bikes, but smaller ladies bikes, and this one fits the bill! So check 'em out below and I'd best get on my way.  Picked up a tandem Saturday and want to get her done!

See ya soon!

Well...sorry.  For some reason the blog doesn't feel like posting pic's today. 

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