Parents Upset After Teacher Brings Ouija Board to Class

Hillsborough County teacher Theresa Clinton was cautioned after parents complained about her bringing a Ouija Board into a classroom at Burns Middle School.

A Hillsborough County school teacher is in hot water after bringing a Ouija Board into her classroom.

According to Hillsborough County School District spokeswoman Linda Cobbe, fourth-grade Alafia Elementary School teacher Theresa Clinton has been cautioned after parents of students at Burns Middle School complained that she brought a Ouija Board into a reading class at Burns Middle School where she was giving a presentation.

"The teacher has been cautioned to consider the type of reactions the parents might have about what she brings into the classroom," said Cobbe.

Clinton, a Bloomingdale East resident, is the author of a book for readers age 8 to 12 called "The Ouija Board Diaries: Summoning the Spirit." Cobbe said Clinton brought some of her books, along with a Ouija Board, into the seventh-grade classroom at Burns for a presentation.

The book revolves around 12-year old Janie who has just moved to a new town and discovers that she lives in a house with the ghost of a teen girl.  With the aid of a Ouija Board, Janie begins to unravel the mystery of what happened to the teen girl.

Cobbe said Clinton's motivation was simply to get the students interested in reading. At no time did the students use the board, said Cobbe.

However, the school district received several complaints from parents who said they did not want their children exposed to a Ouija Board, which has been linked to the occult and is deemed by many to be a tool used to summon demonic spirits.

Clinton was unavailable for comment.

What do you think? Did the teacher make a mistake by bringing a Ouija Board into the classroom? Give us your feedback in the "Comments" section.

Jery Elliott October 02, 2012 at 04:07 PM
You are joking, right? This is a joke? You must be joking? Please tell me you are!
Jery Elliott October 02, 2012 at 04:07 PM
Seriously ... people like you are allowed out in public? You hold jobs and drivers licenses and mortgages? This has got to be a joke!
Jery Elliott October 02, 2012 at 04:09 PM
One can safely assume that the students had access to the book in their in-class library and one or more asked what a Ouji Board is and then the teacher brought it in to show them. I am fairly certain the same kids asked what a magic wand looks like or something similar. We should all be confident that the teacher is not summoning spirits into the classroom. Boo!
claudia December 20, 2012 at 04:03 PM
That is just stupid if you think there is nothing more intelligent than humans, obviousy ur commentt just proved human aren't the smartest thing on earth
Dom Davids June 04, 2013 at 01:35 PM
Ok, heres the deal, whether the Ouija board works or not the fact remains that some people rightly or wrongly are cautious of it and do not want their children to be exposed to it. Now this concept is widely known to everybody, so a teacher who is there to teach YOUR childred, subjects, logical thinking and hopefully responsibility is not RESPONSIBLE enough herseflf to realise that this action might upset some parents?, come on now?, do you want your children to be exposed to stuff that you as a parent decide upon, or stuff that some iresponsible teacher who could'nt foresee the bloody obvious reaction decide for you, either way this does not say much for the decision making process of the teacher involved. I mean do you want your children growing up making stupid decisions that could potentially lose them there kobs or would you like to see them grow up learning to go through life with as little conflict as possible, remember, children pick up more from their teachers then just the subjects, they learn behaviour, idealology, these teachers are a role model whether for right or wrong and they have a responsibility to teach the children to make rational deciosions in life that will keep them away from potential troublesome situations like coming into conflict with people and their employers for making an obviously controvertial decision.


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