Teacher Maintains Family Connection to Parish

Mary Rehm is sometimes called the "school mom."

Name:  Mary Rehm, 52

School and Position: , Early Development

Years Teaching: 26

Years at this school: 14

Hometown: Stubenville, Ohio

Why did you choose to teach in Dunedin? 

Dunedin is home for me and my family. The small-town feeling is just so comfortable.

What inspired you to teach?

I had wonderful teachers in the Catholic school I attended as a child and have always loved children.

What is your favorite part of teaching? 

I love making my classroom bright and cheerful, filling it with my students artwork. I love all the hugs from the little ones and the way they light up when they learn something new.

What is your most memorable moment in teaching? 

When one of the older students at school say, "Oh, Ms. Rehm, seeing you at school makes me feel like my mom is here. You're like my school Mom and I love you."

What one idea or concept do you want to instill in your students? 

I want them to know that every child is a child of God and therefore, they are loved beyond measure.

As a teacher in a religious environment, was it necessary to adjust your teaching style? 

No, I have always taught in a religious environment as it is not only a teaching style but a lifestyle as well.

Rehm teaches at Our Lady of Lourdes and has a strong family connection to the parish because her husband's family is its founding members. Her husband was also a student at the school.


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