Teachers Bring Students 'Apple' on First Day of School

Our Lady of Lourdes middle school aims to go paperless, gears up to issue iPads to students.

Teachers are bringing an Apple a day to its students at .

Every sixth-grade student at Our Lady of Lourdes will be issued an Apple iPad for completing a majority of his or her tests and homework, which will also be graded digitally. It is all part of a pilot, technology enrichment program that has the middle school going paperless by 2013.

"This technology has become the tool of decision makers in the business and the public sectors," sixth-grade teacher Nan Hong said, according to an Aug. 14 weekly parish bulletin.

Seventh- and eighth-graders will also have iPad access for collaborative work during the school day, the school reports.

“Workbooks will be available to students in .pdf form, allowing them to complete their homework with the touch of a finger and submit all assignments via email,” a school press release states.

Rev. Gary Dowsey, Our Lady of Lourdes pastor, routinely warns his parishioners of the dangers of technology addiction. He supports the idea of turning "off" technology at certain times of the day.

According to the Aug. 14 parish bulletin, middle school students also have SMART Boards, interactive whiteboards, in the classroom.


*Full disclosure: Katie Dolac attends services at Our Lady of Lourdes Church.


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