Wearable Art is Runaway Success at DFAC Event

Multiple designers put their creativity to the test at the Wearable Art 8 Fashion Show in Dunedin.

Dunedin Fine Art Center's eighth annual Wearable Art Fashion Show was a monumental affair on Aug. 11.

Several designers put their creativity to the test, and created outfits that wowed almost 1,000 attendees. Here is some information on the designers who participated and their lines.

Rocky and Kathleen Bridges made a trashy chic appearance out a combination of fabric and found metal in a display called From Rags to Bitches.

Michael Della Penna, a world champion in Moscow, made an Aluminum Fashion Experiment show with his models.

Mark Byrne with Funny Money Productions used ordinary balloons and turned them into creative headware and full length couture. Byrne has traveled the world and has performed in Shanghai, Brussels, London, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Boston, just to name a few.

Johnson Hunt had a display called Flashion, which used a fashion line made out of second hand roofing metal and a variety of futuristic fabrics. A truly interesting line was Hula Royalty - Recycle, Reuse and Repurpose by The Garden Fairies. Garbage was re-made into wearable art in this line.

Scott Durfee and George Medeiros featured wearable sculpture at the fashion show and used sustainable, organic material combined with an industrial edge.

Rogerio Martins focused on the progressive destruction of the rainforest in his fashion line. 

Who could forget the emcee of the evening? Natasha Richards, also Miss Gay USA, kept the audience entertained and enthused. 

The Orlando trio Woolly Bushmen kept the after-party rocking.


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